PRAEKT.BY provides services in the field of design and construction. We develop projects of houses, commercial, recreational facilities, projects of reconstruction of existing buildings as well as interior design projects. It is important that our work with the paper turned into a real building and pleasing their owners the comfort and durability.

You can order the following stages and types of design:

Any design maybe skomplektovat from the set of pictures which the customer needs, the cost will depend on the amount and complexity of the drawings. (For example, in the step of adding a sketch drawings of nodes fastening wooden beams of the first floor or any other)

The composition of the figures outline:

  1. Totals
  2. Ground floor plan with furniture
  3. Ground floor plan
  4. Plan of the second floor with furniture
  5.  Plan of the second floor
  6. Section
  7. Roof plan
  8. Facades
  9. 3-D image of the building

The cost of preliminary design is calculated by 5 rubles per 1 m 2


The composition of the drawings of the architectural project:

  1. Totals
  2. Master plan
  3. Foundation plan
  4. Plan basement with furniture (if necessary)
  5. The plan of the basement
  6. Ground floor plan with furniture
  7. Ground floor plan
  8. Plan of the second floor with furniture
  9.  Plan of the second floor
  10. Cut 1
  11. Cut 2
  12. Overlap plan basement
  13. Ground floor plan floors
  14. Plan of the second floor slabs
  15. roof plan
  16. Plan strapilnay system
  17. Facades with heights
  18. Statement facades
  19. Statement filling window and doorways
  20. Chimney scheme
  21. 3-d visualization
  22. Figures decorative elements

The cost of the architectural design is calculated from 7 rubles per 1 m 2


Composition of construction drawings Drafts:

  1. Architectural project
  2. Bill of Materials Flow
  3. Plans for foundations with cuts and material consumption specifications
  4. Plans walls with jumpers and specifications
  5. Plans overlap with nodes and specifications
  6. Plans strapilnay system with nodes and specifications

The cost of the construction project is calculated from 12 rubles per 1 m 2


The composition of the project design, interior:

  1. Drawing sheet
  2. Dimensioned plan
  3. Redevelopment plan
  4. Layout of furniture
  5. Plan floor decoration
  6. Plan ceiling decoration
  7. Electrical plan, sockets
  8. lanterns plan
  9. The scheme of inclusion of lanterns
  10. 3-D visualization
  11. Plumbing plan
  12. The plan of the ventilation system
  13. Specification of furniture and equipment
  14. Sheet finishing materials

 The price of the project dyzavnu interior is calculated from 30 rubles per 1 m 2


field supervision cost is calculated from 20 rubles per 1 hour